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Updated Launch Info and Media Links

Note: the Launch link has been fixed. My apologies for the problem.


Hi Everyone,

Again, I want to thank you all so much for reading the book and for letting me know what you think about it. I’ve had four people tell me it was the best book they had ever read, which, while flattering, makes me ask, “What else have you read?” Seriously, I am overwhelmed by the feedback. Tell your pals! Review it on Amazon!

Here are some links to our upcoming book launch at the Vancouver Public Library (click the link) and some of the media I’ve done this past week.

Book Launch and Panel Discussion

The Walrus Magazine piece by Stacey May Fowles called “Coming Back From Hell

APTN Face to Face interview with Michael Hutchinson Sept. 15, 2015

Vancouver Province piece by Nick Eagland Sept. 13, 2015

CFAX Radio interview with Pamela McCall Sept.16, 2015

Watch The Toronto Star, National Post and Vancouver Magazine for upcoming reviews and features on That Lonely Section of Hell.

Thanks for checking in.


What a Week

Greetings, friends.

I’ve been completely overwhelmed by the positive response to my book, the Globe excerpt and the interview I did on CBC’s The Current. I am so pleased that the people who are reading the book and have given me feedback seem to completely “get” what I am trying to convey.  Thank you all for your kind messages. If there was negative, I sure didn’t hear of it, although I have big shoulders if anyone has an issue to raise.

While this story is obviously held together by the true crime framework, I hope readers will find there is much more to it than merely a post mortem of an investigation epically mismanaged and flawed.

In the midst of all this, I began courses for my MA in Professional Communications this week. Suffice to say, I am paddling hard to keep my head above water, answering emails, Tweets, texts, the phone, doing more interviews, writing, and getting a handle on my coming assignments and reading. I’m not complaining, but I am making sure I take some breaks as needed. My sleep has returned to a higher level of disturbance, but I’m hoping that will be temporary.

I’m also learning through immersion about the world of promoting a book in Canada. Long story, but there will not be a Globe and Mail review tomorrow. Apparently, there are “rules” around how much exposure books can get. Or something like that. I’m still patting myself on the back for not fawning all over Anna Maria Tremonti in adulation, even though I was so tempted. That woman’s brain is a national treasure and her team is just terrific. Many thanks to them again for the opportunity to speak.

There is now a National Post excerpt coming soon, a Vancouver Magazine excerpt, my first TV interview (since Vicky Gabareau a million years ago) with APTN’s incomparable Michael Hutchinson, airing Tuesday, Sept. 14 on Face2Face right after the news, a cover piece in the Sept. 13 Province newspaper, and several others we haven’t quite nailed down dates for.

Last thing: check out The Walrus magazine Sept. 14 for Stacey May Fowles’ interview with me, as well as an excerpt in both their print and online editions. I think she may also be reviewing the book? No one tells me anything! I so enjoyed speaking with her.

I’ve also written a piece for Quill and Quire coming in October dealing with the relationship between memoir and trauma.


Have a great weekend and please remember to vote Oct. 19th


P.S. As happened after my Missing Women Commission of Inquiry testimony, I am receiving anguished requests for help with police investigations from victims and witnesses who felt they were not receiving adequate service from or being taken seriously by police. Please know I sympathsize and am where I am because of my own lack of faith in the system. I can try where I can to point people in the right direction, but I’m no longer a police officer and have little access to that world. Please call 9-11 in your community and demand that an officer take your report and follow up with you. I wish you luck and hope we can change this dynamic in time.


Books Going on Shelves and First Review

I know some of you have had the unfortunate experience of going into the bookstore to find That Lonely Section of Hell is either not in or already sold out. Online sellers have plenty and the stores are stocking the book this week. Thanks for your support and perseverance.

Because the Globe & Mail had an exclusive for the excerpt, stores could not sell the book until that paper went to press on Saturday. Now, we are good to go! Apparently, the Globe & Mail’s review will be out tomorrow or Saturday of this week.

Here is the first review I’ve found of the book in yesterday’s Winnipeg Free Press. Take note: the first two paragraphs are more graphic and dark than anything in the book and contain some details I’m not familiar with. I hope no one gets the impression this book is all about grisly crime scene descriptions, because it most certainly is not. That said, once I got past those paragraphs, I found this review quite fair and reasonably accurate – can’t hope for more than that!

And finally, keep your ear tuned to CBC Radio One on Thursday Sept. 10th for my interview with Anna Maria Tremonti of The Current. This is assuming I’m not bumped for any candidates-peeing-in-sinks stories.




That Lonely Section of Hell – Release & Media events

It has been an intense week and I want to thank everyone for their messages of support and interest in the book. Thank you to all of you who have already bought a copy. I’m overwhelmed by this day I’ve been awaiting for so many years.

September 4th marks the publication of the Globe & Mail’s exclusive piece by Wendy Stueck on the book.

See this excerpt  from That Lonely Section of Hell, published in the Globe & Mail September 5th and watch on the 7th for  a review of the book.

My conversation with Anna Maria Tremonti of CBC Radio One’s The Current is scheduled to air Thursday, September 10th between 0830 – 1000 am PST, check their website to ensure it isn’t bumped. You can also listen online after the piece airs if you miss it.

There will be a book launch event in early October in Vancouver open to the community. Watch here for more details in the coming days.

The book is available from Greystone Books as well as widely available anywhere you buy your books.

I’m very excited to be sitting on a social justice panel called “Just Words #MMIW” at the Edmonton LitFest October 18, 2015 at 2pm, at the Stanley A. Milner Library. I’m humbled to join this formidable group of brilliant writers. Please check out the work of Drew Hayden Taylor, Shawna Ferris, and Tanya Kappo.

And finally – for now – I will be joining author Joan McEwen and moderator Sandy Garossino for “Let Justice Be Done”, a discussion on crime, policing and social justice in Vancouver at the Vancouver Writers Fest October 24, 2015 at 2pm.

Hope to see you there!