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Lorimer Shenher is a Canadian writer living and working in Greater Vancouver, BC.

This One Looks Like a Boy is Lorimer’s second book, to be published March 2019 by Greystone Books. It tells the story of his life as a transgender man coming to terms with his fear of transitioning to male.

That Lonely Section of Hell — Lorimer’s first book — was published in 2015 by Greystone Books and tells the story of Vancouver’s Missing Women from Lorimer’s perspective as the lead investigator on those cases. It was named a 2015 Globe & Mail Top 100 Book, as well as a 2016 nominee for the Ontario Library Association Evergreen Award and was short listed for the 2016 BC Book Prizes Hubert Evans Award for non-fiction, the KOBO 2016 Emerging Writer Prize, the 2016 Edna Staebler Award for creative non-fiction, and the 2016 City of Vancouver Book Award.

Lorimer is a dynamic and insightful public speaker and storyteller, speaking on a wide range of topics, from the toxicity of police culture and its impact on our society to the fight for human rights of marginalized people and the plight of “other” in an increasingly polarized political climate. And television. He loves to talk about television.

Recently retired from a 27-year career in policing and the recipient of a MA in Professional Communication in 2017, Lorimer ecstatically embraces a full time writing career in multiple media. Lorimer has worked as a newspaper reporter and photographer, film extra, TV technical consultant, pharmaceutical sales representative, basketball coach, advertising account executive, shoe seller, greenskeeper, and Calgary Stampede bingo caller.

Photo by Tessa Lloyd

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