Updated Launch Info and Media Links

Note: the Launch link has been fixed. My apologies for the problem.


Hi Everyone,

Again, I want to thank you all so much for reading the book and for letting me know what you think about it. I’ve had four people tell me it was the best book they had ever read, which, while flattering, makes me ask, “What else have you read?” Seriously, I am overwhelmed by the feedback. Tell your pals! Review it on Amazon!

Here are some links to our upcoming book launch at the Vancouver Public Library (click the link) and some of the media I’ve done this past week.

Book Launch and Panel Discussion

The Walrus Magazine piece by Stacey May Fowles called “Coming Back From Hell

APTN Face to Face interview with Michael Hutchinson Sept. 15, 2015

Vancouver Province piece by Nick Eagland Sept. 13, 2015

CFAX Radio interview with Pamela McCall Sept.16, 2015

Watch The Toronto Star, National Post and Vancouver Magazine for upcoming reviews and features on That Lonely Section of Hell.

Thanks for checking in.