What a Year.

Hi Everyone,

If you’re still reading this, you are one of the five people who have hung in on this site, despite my very sluggish/non-existent updating. Thank you for your perserverance. My apologies. It has been quite a year. (The Twitter link is now fixed, too.)

That Lonely Section of Hell is now out in paperback. I will have more exciting news about this book and where it’s going in the very near future. I don’t mean to sound cryptic, but I really am sworn to secrecy right now. It should be cool and worth the wait.

This year, I published a book, started an MA program, transitioned to male, spoke on stage at Lincoln Centre, had dinner at the United Nations, lost my father, and met so many amazing people, I can’t begin to name them all or describe those experiences in a blog. I am so profoundly grateful for all that has happened and truly fortunate to have had my Dad here long enough to share much of it with me. More about that, too.

I wish you all good things. Stay tuned.