Dusting for Prints: Policing, Culture & Culprits with Lorimer Shenher

Coming December 15, 2021

Lorimer Shenher’s new podcast, Dusting for Prints, shines a powerful light into the dark corners of policing as an unjust system and a profession & culture that’s boundlessly fascinating to film, television, and reading audiences.

In conversation with a new guest each week, Lorimer explores the intersections of policing, race, queer identity, Indigenous Reconciliation, entertainment, and culture. Through Season One’s six compelling interviews, he’ll delve into the personal, the political, and the portrayal of policing – and maybe even have some laughs along the way.

Join us December 15, 2021 for our first episode. Please subscribe on Apple podcasts, follow us on Spotify, or listen wherever you get your podcasts!

Listen to the Trailer